Animal Calendars 2023-2024

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A fun, easy gift to buy for dog lovers in your life would be animal calendars for the coming year. This includes a funny dog calendar or even a holiday advent calendar for the dog itself.

I’ve tracked down a bunch of great and affordable calendars for animal lovers. This includes calendars for some of the most popular dog breeds, such as French bulldogs. 

Kinds of animal calendars

Even though most people probably keep their calendars on their phone, tablet or computer these days, it’s a fun idea to give them a calendar of funny dogs for their work desk or to hang on their wall.

For example, I love the notion of a funny dog calendar. And one of the funniest dog calendars for this year is the dog pooping calendar.

You’ve heard of it right? It’s gone viral.

Funny animal calendars

Basically, it’s a beautifully shot calendar of dogs, um, relieving themselves in picturesque locations. Not quite the juxtaposition you would expect in an animal calendar.

I’ve found the dog pooping calendar on Etsy. There it is called the pooping pooches calendar.

Here are other custom pet gifts from Etsy.

All of these calendars are the perfect white elephant gift for animal lovers. OK, then.

Beyond these kinds of funny dog calendars, there are many more options, including those that benefit a good cause.

Animal rescue calendars

Many animal rescues or shelters will create calendars as part of their annual fundraisers. So, if there is a good cause you like to support and they have an animal calendar for sale this holiday season, that would be a great purchase to make.

Dog a day calendar

How about a calendar that gives you 365 different dogs to enjoy throughout the year? That’s the mission of dog-a-day calendars.

I’ve found dog a day calendars on Amazon and a few dog-a-day options on Etsy. These are either box calendars or desk calendars.

One is even a dog a day dog shaming calendar–a funny take on an animal calendar.

Dog calendars by breed

There’s no question that certain people favor certain dog breeds. So why not get them an animal calendar of their favorite kind of dog.

Some of the breeds listed below include the puppy version in calendar form. Not surprisingly, they’re super adorable.

Here are some breed calendars to consider.

Labrador retriever calendars

I’ve broken out this section on Labrador retriever calendars because I realize there are different kinds of labs. And people tend to have their favorites.

One, there are black Lab lovers.

Two, there are yellow Lab lovers.

Three, there are chocolate brown Lab lovers.

Finally, there are even silver Labs and the humans who love them.

So, I’ve found calendars of all the different Labrador dog lovers on Etsy.

William Wegman calendar

I first discovered William Wegman’s iconic images of his Weimaraner dogs in a college photography class. Immediately, I loved them.

Thankfully, even though that college photography class was years ago, William Wegman is still putting out annual dog calendars.

Dog Christmas advent calendar

Who says that kids have to have all of the fun with an advent calendar full of treats? Believe it or not, plenty of retailers have created dog Christmas advent calendars.

This includes dog advent calendars at:

Personalized dog calendar

Of course, if none of these dog calendar options work for you, you can always create a personalized, custom dog calendar of the recipient’s pets.

Even your local pharmacy can make these kinds of photo gifts. For example, CVS Photo can do a same-day custom photo calendar.

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