Best Ugly Sweaters for Dogs

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This year I’m getting ugly sweaters for my dogs in time for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Not an official national pet holiday, but just so you know, it’s on the third Friday of December each year.

So, for 2023, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is December 15 — 10 days before Christmas.

And who says humans get to have all of the fun?

Best ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs

That’s why I’ve tracked down what I think are the best holiday sweaters for dogs. I hope you agree.

Some of these ugly sweaters are actually shirts; others are bonafide dog sweaters.

In some instances I’ve found dog clothing items that are marketed as an ugly holiday sweater for your dog.

However, they’re so clever that you should keep it for Halloween for next year.

So, where did I find this roundup of the best holiday sweaters for dogs?

  • Amazon
  • Chewy
  • Etsy

Finally, while it might seem like Target would have ugly dog sweaters, they do but with a caveat. These are actually ugly sweaters for humans that happen to have dogs on them.

So, not quite appropriate for this article.

Amazon sweaters for dog

Not surprisingly Amazon is a treasure trove of holiday sweaters for dogs.

And while they’re listed as ugly dog sweaters, dare I say some of them are downright adorable?

Finally, one company on Amazon has created a line of matching holiday sweaters for you and your dog. To be honest, they’re not so unattractive, are they?

Chewy ugly sweaters for dogs

Over on I saw sweaters for dogs that rival some of the ugliest (yet fun) Christmas sweaters I’ve seen for humans. 

This includes a sweater that makes your dog look like a Christmas tree, ornaments and all.

Don’t worry–the sweater doesn’t have real ornaments; they’re knit right into the fabric.

Also, some of these sweaters include characters from classics like Frozen and Winnie the Pooh. Personally, I think these are super cute.

Etsy Christmas sweaters for dogs

I think you’ll hit the motherlode of the best ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs on Etsy.

That’s probably because some of the options include customizing these sweaters and shirts with your dog’s name or even their face on them.

In fact, if you want to take a ugly dog Christmas sweater to another level for yourself, you can get one for yourself with your dog’s face on it.

This is what you’ll find if you search on Etsy for dog Christmas sweaters.

These are holiday sweaters that feature dogs on them, not those made for dogs to wear.

Tipsy Elves on Amazon

Are you like me? Did you learn about the Tipsy Elves brand of ugly Christmas sweaters when the founders appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2013? 

Hard to believe the brand has been around that long.

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Tipsy Elves has funny Christmas sweaters for dogs. You can find them all on Amazon.

Here are some of the ones I could easily see myself getting for my dogs Oscar and Sadie.

Horribly hilarious Hanukkah sweaters for dogs

Now let’s say your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas but instead the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah.

Well, you can find ugly, funny or downright hilarious shirts and sweaters for your dogs to wear throughout Chanukah.

Where? One of my favorite sites for anything handmade or custom–Etsy.

Etsy ugly Hanukkah sweaters for dogs

Finally, just remember that you should not feed your dogs latkes at Chanukah. It’s one of the many human foods that dogs cannot eat.

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