My Favorite Dogs in TV Shows

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It shouldn’t surprise you that I have some favorite dogs in TV shows. Or, at the very least, some favorite references to dogs in shows.

For example, if you love “The Big Bang Theory” like I do, perhaps you’ll remember the “Emily or Cinnamon” game that Howard made up. Cinnamon is the Yorkshire Terrier that Kunal Nayyar’s character Raj owns.

Raj is very close with Cinnamon — so much so that there are certain situations where it’s hard to know if Raj is talking about his then-girlfriend Emily or his dog.


Dogs in TV Shows

I know I’m aging myself in saying this, but when I think about dogs in sitcoms and dramas, immediately I think of “Lassie.” In case you don’t know or don’t remember or weren’t alive then, “Lassie” was a Rough Collie dog (aka long-haired Collie) who had her own TV show. Somebody alway fell down the well or found themselves in a life-threatending situation, and Lassie always saved the day. As a child I thought every Collie was named Lassie.

While Lassie may be one of the best known dogs in television history, she is hardly the only one. Here are some other dogs from TV shows, past and present.

Cheddar on “Brooklyn Nine Nine”

Cheddar, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, didn’t play a huge role on the FOX comedy “Brooklyn Nine Nine.” However, I recall at least one episode where the dog was central to the episode’s plot twist.

Chester on “The Nanny”

Have you been watching episodes of the ’90s comedy “The Nanny” in syndication? If so, then you’ve probably seen lead actress Fran Drescher holding her beloved Pomeranian named Chester.

Cinnamon on “The Big Bang Theory”

As I mentioned in the intro, Raj’s dog in “The Big Bang Theory” is Cinnamon, a Yorkshire Terrier. She’s definitely been a big part of BBT episodes, including:

  • The Proton Resurgence episode, where Bernadette and Howard look after — and then lose — Cinnamon.
  • The Closure Alternative episode, when Howard is installing a security camera in Raj’s apartment so he can watch Cinnamon while he’s at work.

Eddie on “Frasier”

“Frasier” was on TV from 1993 to 2004. It is a “Cheers” spinoff. Eddie was the dog in the show, a Jack Russell Terrier that Frasier’s father Martin owned. As you can imagine, Eddie was Frasier’s nemesis.

Stella on “Modern Family”

When Ed O’Neill’s character Jay Pritchett gets Stella, a French bulldog, she ends up becoming the center of his life — more so than his wife or children. My favorite episode is “Little Bo Bleep” when Stella keeps jumping in the pool.

Have I missed any of your favorite sitcom or drama dogs? If so, post a comment and let me know.

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