Funny Hanukkah Gifts for Dog Lovers

I love the idea of funny Hanukkah gifts–especially ones for dogs. If you’re like me and are a Jewish pet owner, will you buy your dog something for Chanukah?

If so, you’re not alone. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), half of all dog owners buy their pet a holiday gift.

As far as what they spend on those gifts for happy Hanukkah dogs, the APPA says that dog lovers tend to spend more than cat lovers.

That is, dog moms and dads spend, on average, $14 on their dog’s holiday gift. Cat moms and dads spend just $12.

Here are some tips for taking holiday pictures of your pets.

Ideas for Cool Hanukkah Presents

With eight crazy nights of Chanukah, you’ll likely want to get a little something for each of those eight nights to give to your dog.

I can help. Here are some ideas for cool Hanukkah presents to get you through the season.

Here are personalized pet gifts on Etsy.

Chewish Dog Toys

You can find lots of idea for pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers over on Amazon and their “Pet Paw-lidays Gift Guide.” I’ve highlighted some of my favorite “Chewish” dog toys.

I kid you not, people use the amalgamated word chewish–get it? Chew and Jewish?– to describe toys for Jewish pets or Jewish dog toys.

I’ve seen these Chewish toys on Amazon for products from Copa Judaica. The toys are darn cute anyway.

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Hanukkah Dog Clothing

Dogs always look cuter in bandanas, don’t you think? Well, if you can’t get your dogs to wear an ugly Hanukkah sweater, at least get them their own Hanukkah dog bandana.

You’ll find dog holiday bandanas with all kinds of funny sayings on them. Also, you can find some with as well as traditional images of Chanukah.

One of my favorite cook Hanukkah presents is a bandana that reads “Let’s Get Lit.” Of course, that phrase used to have a very different meaning.

But for a Hanukkah bandana, it’s perfect. You can also find Hanukkah hoodies for dogs and lots of fun dog Chanukkah accessories on Amazon.

You can even choose an ugly Chanukah sweater for your doggie, too! Etsy has a huge range of Chanukah clothing for dogs.

Also, check out my post on places to buy ugly Chanukah sweaters for humans.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Him

Men are often really difficult to buy gifts for. This is especially true if your guy never shares ideas for cool Hanukkah presents for himself.

But if he’s a dog lover? Well, then, that makes things easier. Because Hanukkah gifts for men that somehow involve or revolve around their pet are usually a hit.

If you’re looking to add in a bit of a gag gift when thinking of cool Hanukkah gifts for him, might I suggest a Hanukkah ugly Christmas sweater. I know that sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but it is a thing.

Chanukah Gifts for a Dog Mom

When I used to give TV interviews as a gift expert, I always used myself as an example of how to shop for a dog mom. That is, if you were ever stumped on what to buy me for a holiday gift, just get me something that I could use for or with my dog.

So when it comes to Chanukah gifts for a dog mom, think about gifts that fit with the “dog” theme. For me, I’d love a coffee mug with my dogs’ picture on it or a funny dog calendar.

Pet shaped menorah

You can really take your Chanukah gifting to another level with pet-shaped or pet-themed menorahs. These are either in the shape of a dog, or feature adorable dogs on them. This could be a great Hanukkah gift for a pet-loving Jewish child.

Etsy is going to be your best bet for a dog-shaped menorah. You may even be able to personalize it.

Final Thoughts on Cool Hanukkah Presents

One last thing to think about after shopping for your cool Hanukkah presents. Please keep in mind that Chanukah can be a dangerous holiday for pets, if you’re not careful.

For example, potato latkes often contain onions, which are toxic to dogs. Here are other foods that are dangerous for dogs.

Also, menorahs that use real candles could be a fire hazard, should a pet bump into it. So please keep your pets and their safety in mind as you get ready to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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